Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Day in Quintology - Desperate Houseboy

Ever get days when the moment you open your eyes, stretch your lazy limbs, awake them from slumber and stand up groggily from bed, you feel that it would be a day unlike any other? There is that elusive surge of excitement that you just can't pin down. This was such a day. First up on the itenerary was to meet up with this guy who I just stumbled upon on an online chatroom. He happened to be selling an uber hard to find (as of writing) series that I've been desperate to see since I've heard of it:

The Cast. I love.
Desperate Housewives

We were chatting on YM on how we were going to do the transaction. I was asking all these questions about the series to see if he really knows about it (you gotta be careful nowadays, you just don't know who's legit anymore.) When I felt confident enough to make the purchase, I sent him a link to my profile (since I was digitally pimping myself on YM that night anyway, so I figured, at least he knows who to look for when we meet) A few minutes later I was surprised when he offering a very special price for the series. I just had to grab it before he takes it back.

The next day, I woke up a little bit too late. I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. And on my phone, there were tons of messages and missed call from this guy. He'd been waiting for me for an hour now. I jumped out of bed, prepared (which usually takes a while, of course). The odd thing was that they were "non-threatening" messages as I expected. In fact most of the messages I've got were sugar-coated (you know, those SMS that is flooded by umlauts/smilies?). I got to Glorietta 4 2 hours late but he was there waiting as meek as a lamb. He smiled when he saw me.

I was so eager to get this series I kept on blabbering about it. I didn't realize this guy who just sold me the cd's was staring at me, then had to cut me off and said "So, where d'you wanna eat? There's a movie that we can catch after this." I was of course embarrased because, I had plans for the night and this was just an errand I had to run. I said sorry profusely and told him that its not that I don't like him (actually he was cute but he wasn't my type), its just that I met up with him just to perform the transaction. He then rebutted with an "Oh yeah. I forgot I have a delivery after this." I just smiled apologetically as he walked away. I managed to squeeze in "I'll keep in touch for the other series that you have, though. (at least you got a customer)


I'm so loving this show. Just the first episode and it hooked me already. Marry me, Terri Hatcher! Thy beauty, thy hotbabe status, and thy vivacious personality..I crush thee.

Mary Alice: "So what did Carl say when you confronted him?"
Susan: "You'll love this. He said, it doesn't mean anything. It was just sex. And then he got this Zen look on his face and said, you know, Susan, most men live lives of quiet desperation."
Lynette: "Please tell me you punched him."
Susan: "No, I said, really? And what do most women lead? Lives of noisy fulfillment? I mean, of all people, did he have to bang his secretary? I had that woman over for brunch."
Gabrielle: "It's like my grandmother always said. An erect penis doesn't have a conscience."
Lynette: "Even limp ones aren't all that ethical."

Spanking New Series. Must watch.


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