Monday, February 28, 2005

And Counting...

Its my bloggy's 3rd month! And with 3,000 hits on the counter (not bad, huh?), I can't help but feel good about 3 whole months of soul baring.

Shout out to everyone who's already on my links (under My People and 100 Oceans). You guys are the best bloggers on the face of the Earth!

I would also like to welcome new friends/blogs Aggie , Abster , Aion , Buddy , Kiko , Makoy Thanks for visiting my bloggy as often as you can. Let's keep the spirit of blogging alive. Keep 'em good posts coming!

Oh, and if you happen to read this and you're new to this site, welcome to you and you and you. Leave a tag. I won't bite. Not unless you're Mark San Diego. :)


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