Monday, February 28, 2005

And Counting...

Its my bloggy's 3rd month! And with 3,000 hits on the counter (not bad, huh?), I can't help but feel good about 3 whole months of soul baring.

Shout out to everyone who's already on my links (under My People and 100 Oceans). You guys are the best bloggers on the face of the Earth!

I would also like to welcome new friends/blogs Aggie , Abster , Aion , Buddy , Kiko , Makoy Thanks for visiting my bloggy as often as you can. Let's keep the spirit of blogging alive. Keep 'em good posts coming!

Oh, and if you happen to read this and you're new to this site, welcome to you and you and you. Leave a tag. I won't bite. Not unless you're Mark San Diego. :)

Poking Fun

Its the Academy Awards season, and they're handing out those little gold men left and right.

However, its not the Oscars I'm writing about today. Ironically, its the in-between shows that got me more interested. You know, those shows on other channels you skip to once the commercials roll? I hopped over to Star World and was able to catch Parkinson (you know, that British equivalent of Boy Abunda...albeit not gay) and on BBC, The Razzies (think: Inverse of the Oscars, "For where there is good, there must also be bad"). The Academy Awards had way too much celluloid for my taste. Its too flashy, too scripted, too...manufactured to evince any awe in me (to which they were aiming for, of course).

I'm currently loving these two women right now: Joan Rivers and Halle Berry.

I knew little of Joan before. All I knew was that she's this living fossil who gives Cher a run for her (plastic surgery) money and that she's this commentator on most Oscar shows and tells the world who looks fantastic or who looks fun trash-tic. That was before I saw her segment on Parkinson. What I saw was this dazzling woman (all thanks to modern science) both outside and, better believe it, inside. She has this spunk, this sense of humor that cracks me up. A sharp contrast to the h0st of the show with his British (read: dry) sense of humor. Her take on life? Take bitter reality with a dash of laughter, and it will go down smoother than you expect. This woman has my full respect. She's been through traumatic times in her life both as a performer and as a wife. She's been thrown out of a bar because the audienced booed her off, she's been humiliated infinite number of times on National Paper, and her husband just committed suicide a couple of years back. Yet thru all of this, she managed to smile and make other people smile.

Halle Berry on the other side of the ocean, made a surprise appearance to accept an award. No, not another Oscar. In fact, the extreme opposite. A Razzie award for Worst Actress in a Movie (the unbelievably dismal, Catwoman). She went on to mimick her Oscar acceptance speech - including tears and all- to a standing ovation. She even brought with her her little gold man, and raised that AND the Razzie trophy (which looked like a pile of turd). A very funny, classic moment. As reiterated by the founder of the Razzie awards, its not that they are berrating Halle as a person, they are just saying "We're so sorry you chose to do this." Everyone makes mistakes and Halle has no pretentions that she did not. At the after show interview Halle said her mum taught her that to be "a good winner you had to be a good loser first".

The greatest love of all would be loving yourself as one song goes. That maybe true to some but not quite enough for me. Learning to laugh at yourself, like these two fine women, is the ultimate gesture that you've come to embrace who you really are. Life is that kid you play with on the street, and tragedies & mistakes are his dodgeballs. He plays one heck of a good game for he tends to score a lot. But what the heck, this little boy is roarin' to beat his ass...then I'll laugh mine off.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Week Enders vol.2

Was a whole lot busy this week. My dating profile has suddenly ballooned to unprecedented proportions. But as my personal code of (blog) ethics decree: Art 6: Thou shall not put the pen to paper topics that deal with affairs of the heart...and of the body. Although minor allusions here and there are most welcome. :)

I'll be diving more into website making. (See post on the Million Peso Baby). HTML, CSS, Java, and who knows, maybe Flash?

My long lost batchmate Jayzee dropped by the office. He's doing this stint now at Citibank (or as he pronounced it "CitibEnk"). Gawd, this guy is surely missed.

This week seems to be more on re-linking up with people from the past. Manny, you old dog you! Think it over. New Zealand could be a bit harsh to immigrants, as I heard. However, it will do wonders to your, aherm, sex life as one outlandish friend confirmed.

Mon, Mon, Mon. (see post before this) Suddenly I have a thing for guys with foreign sounding names. (his full name is Ramonov. Cool and sexy huh?)

How many people can say that they have personally met the President? Its no big deal to most people but to me, it is. You got to have respect to people who with a command of his/her hand can change entire multitudes of lives. And no matter how much ill feelings we have for this country, its the only one we've got. Patriotism is dead, and I believe that one of the root of our downfall.

Rex: "You must still feel something for me."
Bree: "And why do you think that?"
Rex: "Oh come on, Bree, look at this. You're using the good china, freshly pressed napkins, flowers from the garden. This tray was prepared with loving care."
Bree: "Do me a favor, Rex. Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection."

I'm itching to get the new episodes of Desperate Housewives. Arrgh.

Have some orgasmically clean weekend fun everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2005


Ladies and half-ladies, if you are not yet familiar with these pages, let me tell you again. There are odd days in the month when the moon glows in a ubiquitous shade of chartreuse and I suddenly transform into one of the multiple personalities. I, I, I, transform into this lean, mean, and pink blogging machine.

Last Saturday was a Fuschia Letter day. Let me expound. E pano ba naman, my gurrlfriend Toshi (ang nag iisang Black Haponesang Becky) invited me to a rendezvous with his office pals. Of corz, mega pa important muna ako, syempre its not like they're the only ones I'm gonna see that one fine Saturday night. May nagkipag set ng date sakin. Pero sabi nga ni Becky Paulo: "Ligwak! Next in line please!". Physically, he's ok, but verbally no! Let's just say mas gusto ko pang magkaroon ng dialogue with Mahal and Mura kesa sa kanya. Wa talaga ako maintindihan sa sinasabi niya. At first akala ko, I forgot to clean my ears lang, but no! Sabi nga ni Ate Vi "Its not my problem anymore! Its his problem anymore! ahahaha.

So anyway, I just wanted to get the horrendous date over with. I SMSed (o diba, SMS daw o? Ang chaki kasi pakinggan ng "texted" for me e) Toshi and asked him where they are. Sabi niya asa Pizza Hut daw siya with Mama Jing (ang babaeng bakla ng taon) so I rushed my fine piece of ass to Glorietta. Buti na lang pinapasok pa ko ng ng guardiya. Heller? Mukha bang may dala akong bomba? So once inside, Toshi dropped a bomb on me. "O, ayan, dahil loves kita, niyaya ko ang gwapong gwapong si Mon mo".(see this) I was like, "Ok ka lang, taong maitim, Mon ko ka jan? Hindi kaya!". (Pero somewhere in the deep recesses of my pants, pumapalakpak ang Golden Clam ko).

So from one palpak na date, to an award winning one. We met up with Mon at Greenbelt 3, where we (actually, mostly si Toshi lang nag decide, na halos ipagtulakan kami) ate at MYLK. We all tried Ostrich meat. Oh, diba? Fear Factor na hindi? Ok naman kasi siya. At contrary to popular belief, hindi sya mabalahibo (naman! ano sa palagay nyo un, piggy?). Masarap siya, believe you, me.

Ayun, pagkatapos ay nagkayayaan manood ng Constantine, and me being the only Keanu-averse person in the group, I was outvoted. Kasi naman, Keanu and acting is an oxymoron for me. But since this is a semi-suspense flick, I figured he'd be making one dramatic pose after the other lang naman so what the heck? And how right I was. Well at least diba? Movie moments kami. heheh.

After the movie, merong nag SMS (HA!) kay Toshi ulit, and it was his friend Kervin (whom they all refer to as Ms. Venezuela, due to his inhuman height). Hay, ok na sana ang gabi, nadagdagan pa ng prima donna. Andyan na nga si Toshi e. Feeling ko tuloy mala Phantom Of the Opera kami, ako si Daae, si Mon si Raoul, at sila ang Carlotta times two! Scary! hahahaha.

We had our girl talk over cups of coffee sa Seattle's Best (hindi nila ako mahila sa kabilang coffee shop e). You know what I've noticed? Diba when guys (I'm referring to the Straight kind) get together, they make kwento by making Pataasan ng Ihi, o Patigasan ng Titi? (this blog doesnt know the word "filter"). Gay guys do it by Pa-Fabulous-an ng Golden Clams (yup, thats what all gay guys have down there). What I mean is kung sino ang lalabas na mas maganda sa mga escapade ang panalo. Hep, hep, if you happen to be of the colorful tribe and you disagree with this, give me your number, mag meet tayo at sasampalin kita into reality. (in english: I'll slap you with the Sequined Glove of Pagpapakatotoo).

Aba syempre, si Ms. Venezuela hindi papayag na ang kanyang fabulous height ay ma put to shame. She (of course, I mean he) dropped a bombshell. She is currently dating a celebrity. And for you rumor sniffers out there, ito ang clue ko: Basta nanalo siya sa isang semi prestigious Bikini Contest. And she has photographic evidence to prove their "confessionals". Pinapabura nga ni somewhat paranoid na celeb kasi baka gawing Sex Scandal na naman ito. (Pweh! If I know, gusto nya nga yun ang mangyari. Hellooo?? Mileage!). Pero amidst all the proof she lays on the table, somehow, there is something fishy. At shempre ako naman, I preferred to keep my mouth shut about mine. Sabi nga sa book na The 48 Laws of Power by Greene, "Do not outshine the least not in front of him".

The hours passed by like silk on an inclined surface. O diba, silk talaga? Anyway, buti na lang hindi na sumama samin si Carlotta #2. Syempre, nakahinga na naman ako ng maluwag kasi meron syang ugaling, if we are gonna put it into a word it would be: suffocating. Pailalim kasi siya bumanat ng pang ookray. Kahit ako, na hindi niya pa ka-close, hindi naka iwas. Oh well, let bygones be by gones. So eto, in full rampage mode pa rin kaming tatlo. Where to go next? KTV!!! Bwahahahah. Kung may belt belt lang talaga dito mala Taekwondo, naka Black na siguro ako. (any challengers? hehe).

Mon is really one fun, spontaneous guy. Take for example, instead of the usual sing till you drop, he made us play a game na mala "Search for a Star in a Million Bazillion". Ang saya, kami ni Toshi ang contestants na nagpapatayan behind camera at siya naman...guess who? Si Zsa-zsa Manzano (ang kulet no?), at eto pa kasi diba, may scoring yung system? Yun kunwari daw yung score ng mga judges. Edi syempre patalbugan sa boses ito! At may mini intermission pa, na siya yung kakanta. Ang saya talaga! ahaha. At I'm sorry, Sheryn Regis (meaning first runner up) lang ang beauty ni Toshi, kasi naman hindi consistent ang style niya (o diba? professional?). Sa huli pinakanta kami ni Mon ng "Star in a Million". ahahha. Panalo talaga siya. He makes my heart splinter with a thousand laughters. (whoops, did I just say that out loud??)

Actually, napakahaba ng araw na to, kasi mga 7am na kami lumabas ng KTV sa Taft. Pero surprisingly, ayaw pa umuwi ni Mon (aba nakahanap din ako ng katapat!). At eto naman si Toshi, nagmaganda na gusto na daw niya umuwi. Feeling niya siguro uuwi na rin kami pag hindi namin siya kasama. Pero surprise of all surprises sinabi sakin ni Mon "Tara, Derek, tayo na lang lumabas." And I was like nonchalant on the outside when I said "Sure. Yoko pa naman umuwi e." But on the inside? Yes, my Golden Clams were once again clapping.

Ang istoryang ito ay napakahaba. Malamang kung nabasa mo to hanggang sa part na to, haggard na mata mo. Siguro sa next chapter na lang ang continuation. Mas madugo! hahaha. O siya, kita kits sa susunod na Chartreuse moon.

Adventia (the second personality)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Million Peso Baby

At last its finished. Former Blurty, now LJ user Aggietha's wedding bloggy has gone gold (c/o yours truly). As of the moment, its my million peso baby:

Wacha waiting for? Click Away!

The Beautiful Couple

THE Day: June 03, 2005

Now, I Remember

I hope that my sanity covers the cost
To remove the stain of my love

-D. Rice


On non-related news: I shook the hand of the Highest official in the land. Twice. In front of hordes of papparazzis and mediamen, this little boy had stood in front of her little-r presence. And then God said, let him hog the cameras. And that he did. There goes my fifteen minutes.

One thing I'd like to say about her though:
May kasabihan nga,
"Kung gaano man ka taas ang tungkulin sa lipunan, ganun din dapat kakapal ang make-up".

Or something to that effect.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Her "High"ness

From My Supervisor:


President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will be visiting PeopleSupport, 14th F Philam Tower, on Thursday morning, February 24, at around 10:30 AM.

In line with this, please make sure you follow these basic guidelines:

Make sure your workstations are clean and orderly
Be in your best behavior
Act professionally
Dress appropriately (smart casual)
Do not play loud music on the floor

Let's all look sharp and show them that not only are we PeopleSupport's best performing team, we're also the best-looking team. Ü


Franch Almero
Team Supervisor PeopleSupport, Inc.
Office: +63 (2) 885-8000 Mobile: +63 --- --- ----

Hmm...I have a ton of questions and concerns for her. Hope I get the time to relay them.

Angels Or Devils?

This is the last time
that I'm ever gonna come here tonight
this is the last time - I will fall
into a place that fails us all - inside

I was in Grade 5 when I stumbled upon books my mom read in those long lost golden afternoons at home. Books written by scientists and academes, later deemed as heretics. Books that at the height of its controversy, inflammed the very pillars of the Vatican.

I can see the pain in you
I can see the love in you
but fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

That was when I started questioning that little thing called faith, which, at that time, was being force-fed into my young mind by that almighty Catholic institution that was my Alma Mater. The dogma of the Divine Trinity, justifying how 3 entities can be one. The saints, the sacraments, the Bible. High fallutin terminologies that tried to spin a web of intricacies and partial explanations.

The angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down
come around
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

I was the little boy who wanted to untangle them, which of course, got me into a whole lot of trouble so many times. There was this one time when I asked my CL (Christian Living) teacher, why she held on to the dogmas when it had just been the by-product of machinations of an Emperor who wanted to rule the world. A whole system of beliefs that had been decreed in Nicea by a bunch of Church officials under the command of this new king, Constantine. Her answer was a single word: Because. That answer was not good enough for me. And a visit to the Principal's office soon followed.

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down - come around
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could break us

Is there really a heaven and a hell? That there is eternal salvation and Dante's Inferno waiting for us at the last steps? John Constantine (intentionally named as such in the Hellblazer comic books) said people are inherrently good, but they have a capacity for the devil's works. I believe that its way more than that. We start out with seeds of good and evil in our hearts when we were born. We of course don't know what we've got in the beginning. Its like a parcel that arrives at our front doors- you don't know what's in it until you tear thru the packaging. It manifests itself later on in life, like a tree that had blossomed in the depths of our persona. We have no choice about it. However, what we do have control over, is the the fact that we can cultivate it to reach its full bloom. Anne Rice couldn't have put at more apt name to it. We are destined to walk forever in this savage garden of demented souls.

if I was to give in - give it up
- and then
take a breath - make it deep
cause it might be the last one you get
be the last one
that could make us cold
you know that they could make us cold
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold



Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Idle Hands Meet The Keys

I'm the product of the universal machinations, ethereal and effervescent. You think you know've just skimmed the surface.

I believe in a greater power that dictates the outcome of my life.
I believe that this power emanates to the small things, things that are usually taken for granted, because as we go about our daily existence, they become mundane and perfunctory;
I believe in the power of words, how they can evince raw emotions out of a string of symbols; emotions that define the moment you are in;
I believe that with the ability to wield words, you have the power to make a nation break down into tears or to rise up in armed revolt;
I believe that with words, you could weave a veil of imagery, enough to make someone fall in love, enough to crush someones heart;
I believe that books are the time machines that man had been searching for in vain; that opening the cover, leafing thru page to page is a journey unto itself.
I believe in Karma, that with which the universe resonates with; that which echoes in the halls of our psyche.
I believe in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I believe in mad poetics and the little drops of vagrant moods.
And most of all, I believe in the penultimate need of the soul to reach out and assimilate other souls. I believe that there was a time when all souls came from a single core and that by stroke of hand of the greater power it was divided and strewn to the wind, fated to seek each other once again. ~derek 01/27/05

Oh and yeah, check out mah blog. I write a lot. Its cathartic...

~Just the content of the About Me section of my Downelink/Connexion account. Wala Lang.

From Hell

There should be a law that will be giving taxi drivers classification tags, you know like one of those placards Mayor Lim hung on criminals, saying things like "Wag gayahin, magnanakaw ako." or "Layuan, Maniac ako" or something to that effect. This should slash the stress level in riding this transpo by half, at least .

I was so tired when I stepped out of my office last night, not because of work, but because I wasn't able to sleep well the night before (over extended night out-more about that later). I logged in, set up my tools, and did the whole routine with barely 3 hours of sleep.

As soon as the clock struck 11pm, I bolted out of the building and decided to take a cab instead of taking the usual bus route home. I got into this MGE cab with a fairly harmless-looking old man on the helms. I was half right. He was harmless when it comes to the payment part, which is so rare these days. It was the actual ride itself that almost made me lose my wits.

It was smooth sailing from my office along Paseo De Roxas until we went out to EDSA. I was merrily yakking on the celly with Wonderwall, that was until we went round the curve and he floored the gas pedal. I almost dropped the cel from my hand just to grip the handle bar. EDSA in the wee hours has barely any traffic at all, hence it was no problem to go from 80km/h to 100 to 120 in 15 seconds.

And that was not it. When we were nearing the Magallanes overpass, Manong's hands kept on fidgeting with the clutch and he kept on shifting it. 120, up to 130. I took a side glance at the speedometer and it was still rising till it almost reached 140! The fastest I had experienced was when my dad was driving us home from Subic and he had to go so bad so he floored it and got to somewhere near 130km/h. And note, that was done on the North Expressway where there are 6 lanes. Now imagine doing it along EDSA. This man was just plain murder.

It was kinda like thisI couldn't help it. I yelped like a squirrel (imagine how that sounds). If this was any other place, I'd been embarrased out of my skin. Manong took a glance at me and smiled. Not a normal smile, more like a loony, asylum inmate smile. I'm so sorry, but his weird-o meter shot through the roof for me.

Luckily, I reached my doorstep with enough strength to still stand up, though my knees were badly shaking . Paid him and hurriedly locked up after me. I so wanted to ask him if he wants to pursue a career as a Stuntman where he'll surely rake in the dough, but opted not to bother.

Calling Mr. Bayani Fernando, wet rags are out anyway, those placards look pretty promising. Start with Manong.

"Speed Freak ako, ride with a healthy heart".

Monday, February 21, 2005

Its So Useless, Its..Nah Never Mind.

Props to Mr. Mike "Bullish" Undisclosedlastname for finding THE most useless online test ever. As his warning goes...Be afraid of

It Tastes Just Like Chicken

Although it has more of a texture-y feel to it, its actually a whole lot tastier. Its a tad bit oilier too but sources say its good for the heart. Come on everybody, say it with me:

I'm gonna try Ostrich meat.

After a little hesitation, I got a hefty helping of it in a plate full of Stroganoff pasta at MYLK (restaurant row, Greenbelt 3, 2nd floor). Complement it with any of the house-blended Coffee concoctions and top the meal off with a delectable New York Cheesecake served with mango slices and syrup. My take on it?


p.s. The resto is a perfect hangout place. Nice white lines, draperies galore,
plump cushions, contempo dining area, moody white lights, cozy home-y atmosphere,
fab kitchen. Not recommended for dates though. (Shh, no biggie. More on that later.)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Week Enders vol.1

From here on, Random Blurbs will be titled as such. IF anybody gives a hoot. I guess not :)

Sharon Galvez, the only Filipino in the American Idol search had been eliminated much to my dismay. I heard her sing. She was unbelievably good. More like a young Whitney Houston albeit with highlights that go from bleached brown to walis tambo. I also heard Carrie Underwood sing. Sounded like another *insert country singer here*. She looks so squeaky clean though. She got in.

More on American Idol. I'm seeing a pattern here. I'll place my youngest sister as a bet, the next one will be a White guy (or at least someone who's biologically male).

And I'll betcha its between Anthony Fedorov (*my heart bleeds for that adorable face*..I have a thing with them cute geeky types. Back off.) or Mario Vazquez. (nope, not Filipino. Just the name.)

I'm currently cooking up a storm in weblayout-ing. I just finished creating one for fellow blogger, Aggietha. Its still in Beta though, hence I won't post the link yet. Gotta iron out them kinks.

Hi I'm Advent, and I have an addiction. (everybody says "Hi, Advent") I'm hooked on the Chocolate Brownie Overload wachamacallit at Ice Monster. Paulo, its your fault! You shouldn't have led me to Paseo Center where Ice Monster leered at me, seduced me, tempted me to give in. I've just downed my second helping. (in a span of 3 hours)

Accidentally, I just met Wonderwall's ex. He stared at me like a lion ready to pounce. I just smiled, said hi and walked on.

Its a Friday night. You know what that means.

Cease, Cows. Life is Short - Aureliano Segundo.

Good Weekends to you, you and you!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thought Provoking Statement of The Day

I was on a cab on my way to the office when I got stuck in traffic somewhere along the busy street of Buendia.

On a jeep:

Clicky for Largey.

Confucius says: Them words astound even little old me. But they are profound. Very profound.
♥ ♣ ♠

Marvel at the mad Paint skills.
I have too much time in my hands and
my office PC doesnt have Photoshop.
So there.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

That's It, I'm Having My Own (Sex Scandal)

You might be living under a rock if by now, you haven't heard of the recent outings of Ethel Booba and her oh-so-acting-clueless-boyfriend. And have you heard of another one by Troy Montero having a treesome with (guess what) hunky boys? (Hmm, I'd like to see that...oops I digress). A spectrum of scandals proliferating, from the curiosity-enducing to the downright nasty (think: Mahal videos).

It all boils down to one thing. Mileage.

Its the new in thing nowadays. Bare and be talked about.

Dang it, Friendster is down. I'm trying to look up this cutie who PM'ed me on Downelink and on (how's that for digital pimping?) but when I tried to log in, it says my email address is non-existent on Friendster servers. Arrg.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Battle Royale

I was supposed to write about 2 other films (Memento and The Phantom of the Opera) which I've seen over the weekend however this movie had shocked me in more ways than ever possible. And here I was thinking that I had been "desensitized" beyond human tolerance, having seen such movies as Irreversible (where Monica Belucci gets raped and her lover beats the rapist to a pulp-literally) and shows like CSI (where every murder is replicated thru a diorama and close up re-enactments). I thought I've seen everything.

But along comes this:


Kitano: Listen up! Because of folks like Kuninobu here, this country's absolutely no good anymore. So the big-wigs got together and passed this law...BATTLE ROYALE. So today's lesson is... you kill each other off 'til there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules.

Thats no typo there. They have to kill each other. A film considered to be the most controversial entry of the year 2000, Kinji Fukasaku brought to life on the big screen the novel created by Koushun Takami.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Japan is ina a state of near-collapse. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and violence amongst the nations youth is spiralling out of control. With school children boycotting their lessons and physically abusing their teachers, a beleaguered and near-defeated government decides to introduce a radical new measure: the Battle Royale Act Overseen by their former teacher, Kitano ('Beat' Takeshi) and requiring that a randomly chosen school class be taken to a deserted island and forced to fight each other to the death, the Act dictates that only one pupil be allowed to survive the punishment. He or she will return, not as the victor, but as the ultimate proof of the lengths to which the government are prepared to go to curb the tide of juvenile disobedience.

The movie is both a visceral gore fest, and a thinking man's wake up call. However what I find commendable about the film despite its mind numbing premise is its audacity to explore an idea and present it in the most realistic way possible. It had always been a trend for young and fresh directors to create a film that challenges the "oldtimers", but this movie is the exact opposite. A director with enough feathers in his cap try to give his successors something to try and top.

It's sick. Strange. Beautiful. Familiar. Different. And completely engaging.

I'm now a convert to the rising powerhouse which is the Japanese film industry. You see in this country, there are still tradional rules that bind them, but when it comes to artistic expression, they do not hold back. Sadly, this can not be said for its western counterpart. I'm beginning to notice that almost all products coming out from Hollywood are movies that dwell on the safe side of things. They cater only what they believe the masses would embrace.

Mimura: How were we chosen?
Kitano: By impartial lottery
Mimura: One more?
Kitano: Sure
Mimura: Why are you doing this?
Kitano: It's your own damned fault...Life is a game. So fight for survival and find out if you're worth it.

This movie, albeit violent in every sense of the word, is not set out to trivialize the human capacity to kill. For me, its so hard not to get into the grit of the film. The director intentionally set it in a very lush island, filled with breathtaking shots and vistas, enough to take your mind off the carnage for a brief instant, then plunge you back in again. Another thing he did so deliberately, was to choose actors, compellingly beautiful, its so painful for you to see them get mutilated, shot, eviscerated, even dicapitated for use as a bomb.

There will possibly come a time when a dystopic culture such as this is running rampant on these shores. Heck even now, we can feel its scalding reverberations. Upheavals, terrorist acts, murder...Just yesterday, we were all witness to its frightening grip. Unseen hands striking that chord of alarm, and they can't even chose a better day than the day of hearts.

Are we witnessing the collapse of everything we hold dear?

Watch it.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Random Blurbs

Zeitgeist means the signs of the times. It also refers to that cool animation I have on the navigation part of this bloggy.

Looking forward to more steamy conversations and debates, typing a pick up line for an uber hot lesbian in Downelink, watching Happy Tree Friends and clips from, misadventures in search for pirated goodies at Makati Cinema Square, rummaging thru one of those horrendous ukay-ukays, hanging out at your pad, cookouts with you Darkwinter.

Paulo just came back from Boracay without even getting a shade darker. He also brought with him tons of "controversial" shots. Me likes that threesome pic. Woot!

How small can the world get? Small enough for a former suitor of your current flame to be working in the same company, heck even the same account. Can you believe that?

Zsa zsa and Gary, Ogie Alcasid and Kyla, Regine and Pops, Kuh Ledesma and Christian Bautista, Nanette Inventor and The Company, Leo Valdez and Verni Varga, The Supremes, the Temptations and The Miracles. Yup. Its that time of year again.

Good weekends everyone!

Hope Floats

What if the only thing that is separating you...

from the one you love...

is a memory?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Setting Off Fireworks

Most Filipinos are too shy to be caught kissing in public. But on the eve of this year's Valentine, 5,122 couples were captured in embraces and locked in kisses at the Lovapalooza, the world’s biggest public display of affection.

Lovapalooza is a marketing event for Close-Up toothpaste that had couples simultaneously kissing in public to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The previous record was 4,445 couples smooching in Chile, established just last month.

Kisses are the most intimate words never spoken, yet the Lovapalooza had today's youths talking. Aside from the ubiquitous banners and radio advertisements, it was the chatter on the Internet and the goading of peers that made the street affair cool among young adults. Most of the participants were college students ages 18 to 22.

College sweethearts Lester and Jackie Lou confessed they were ordinarily uncomfortable with public displays of affection. But the Lovapalooza captured their curiosity. "This is an exception," Jackie said. Both add that this was a unique way to start the Valentine's.

That Lovapalooza was an organized event lent legitimacy to making out. Jonathan and Fe, both fresh from their jobs in Makati, wanted to be part of the record books. That it meant kissing someone they loved did not hurt at all.

The event attracted passersby and barkadas as well. Throngs packed the boulevard to watch, to kiss and to lose themselves to the revelry. As cool as the evening breezes may be of Manila Bay this February, bodies pressing the flesh made the atmosphere of Roxas Boulevard moist and warm and smell of teen spirit.

Not counted

Though same-sex couples could participate in the kissing event, they were not counted as part of the tally. When asked regarding this matter, criminology student and Lovapalooza volunteer marshal Magiting said they had to follow guidelines laid out by organizers.

Dondi, Ronald and Bernie, all students aged 20, who call one another sister, confessed registering under feminine names to be able to participate. However, they were dismayed at not being issued numbers as the other participants were.

The event was a drawn-out affair, starting from 8:30 p.m. to 12 midnight. Despite the entertainment provided by the singers and the pep talk by the hosts, quite a few participants were champing at the bit.

As the countdown blared from speakers, students Mon, 21, and Pia, 19, gazed lovingly into each other eyes. They kissed on cue, but their "lip-lock" was much longer than the 10 seconds required for the record. They were lost in their own private Valentine’s as fireworks decorated the night sky.

Among the prominent kissers were Manila Mayor Lito Atienza and his wife, Evelina, models Bianca Valerio and Mike Carreon, and newlyweds Apa Ongpin and wife Ana.

"Let's take a break from the troubles we have been having, from our work, from political bickerings," Mayor Lito Atienza said. "After all, it's Valentine's Day."

By Rome Jorge, Reporter

That was last year.
This year:

GET close and join in as Close Up aims to break the record--again! Pucker-up for the biggest, most extraordinary, lip-smackingest Valentine kissing event: Close Up Lovapalooza Part 2, happening on February 12, 2005, simultaneously at Baywalk Manila, Davao, Cebu, and Angeles

They better have those rules changed. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to break it.
Anyone heading in the same direction? If you happen to see this mug there, bump me and say hi. We don't bite. :)

Somewhere, definitely.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ushering In A More Tolerant Society

DARE to struggle, dare to win ... as married gays. After raiding a few Army camps, two communist guerrillas hid in a forest gorge and fell in love.

That was three years ago. On Friday, under a romantic drizzle in a muddy clearing in Compostela Valley province in Mindanao, Ka Andres and Ka Jose exchanged vows in a heavily guarded ceremony before local villagers, friends from the city and their comrades in arms.
They are considered the first homosexual couple in the New People's Army (NPA) who were wed by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

During the "wedding," sponsors draped a sequined CPP flag around the couple's shoulders. The flag was held in place by a long, beaded cord which also went around the couple and the sponsors -- symbolizing that their marriage would be made stronger with the help of comrades and the masses.

Andres held a bullet, as did Jose and each other's hands. The bullets represented their "commitment in the armed struggle."

First gay marriage

As the first same-sex marriage in the NPA, theirs is a union long awaited by comrades who support gay rights in the movement. It is also a manifestation of the communist movement's recognition of the right to engage in gay relations and to marry.

Although the CPP already recognized gay relations and same-sex marriage, it was not easy for Andres and Jose to make the decision to finally marry.

First, the couple worked hard to change the traditional mind-set of some comrades regarding gays and gay relationships. They attributed these biases to the prevailing "patriarchal" culture in Philippine society.

On gay relations

"[We] conducted painstaking discussions to make comrades understand gay relations and gay rights," Andres said.

"Gay cadres adhere to the strong Party discipline. They enhance the prestige of gays in the movement. This has gained positive results through the years. Comrades (male and female) and even the masses have learned to respect and recognize gays and their contribution to the revolution," he said.

As early as 1995, the CPP's Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee started to discuss gay rights in the movement.

In 1998, a provision on gay relations and same-sex marriage was added to the CPP's guiding policy on relations contained in a document titled "On the Proletarian Relationship of Sexes (OPRS)."

Under the OPRS, the communist movement is committed to guide and ensure there is no exploitation in any relationship-heterosexual or homosexual .

~Thanks to Mr. Schizo for the link to

Love comes in the least likely place you expect it to be. It can be innocent, it can be frivolous, it can even come to seemingly two incompatible individuals. Sometimes its not even in the guise of love at all. It can be between Eros and Psyche, between Ophelia and Ignoble Abelard, Darkwinter and the King of Crosses, The Bitch Boy and his Calendar Boy/s, Mr. Bullish and the Old Friend, Kayumangging_Baka and the Twink, Rakelganda and Numero Dos (winks to all of you), it could even be between Advent and that guy with the odd name. *Sigh.

Celebrate life. Celebrate companionship.

Advanced Happy Hearts Day everyone!

And for those of you who cringed upon reading this article, you can go suck rotten eggs.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

When Free Becomes A Crime

Pilipino Telephone Corp. (PILTEL) has asked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to disallow Gokongwei's mobile-phone brand Sun Cellular from offering unlimited call and text services, saying the pricing scheme threatens its viability in the already crowded cellular market, it was learned Thursday.

PILTEL, a unit of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), said if Digitel is to continue offering 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited service to its subscribers, other mobile-phone firms will loose [sic] market share. This practice will therefore lead to the survival of only one player and, thus, a monopoly.

"The current pricing scheme of Digitel affects PILTEL and seriously threatens the viability and rehabilitation of PILTEL. The company's rehabilitation is now under grave threat and peril due to the unwarranted action of Digitel in imposing rates arbitrarily and without passing through the time-honored process in this Commission," said PILTEL in its 12-page complaint.

The 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited is a service that allows subscribers unlimited local Sun-to-Sun calls and texts.

Postpaid plan holders can subscribe to the service and pay only P250 every month on top of their current plans.

For prepaid subscribers, 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited can be loaded via call cards available in P100 and P250 denominations.

The success of Digitel's 24/7 service drove the company’s subscriber base to 1.1 million as of end-December last year.

The rates, PILTEL said, are priced below the marginal and variable cost of production of its airtime access charge.

"Digitel charges PILTEL a wholesale rate of P4.50 per minute access charge to its network, while its own subscribers have an unlimited retail access to its own network at P250 a month, or P100 every 10 days. PILTEL by itself is charging its subscribers an average retail P5.50 per minute and has not embarked on an atrocious wholesale pricing scheme," said PILTEL.

PILTEL said Digitel's 24/7 Plan constitutes predatory pricing as this will force carriers to drastically lower their airtime rates in a bid to catch up with competition but result in the decrease in the quality of service.

Predatory pricing is an anti-competitive measure employed by a dominant company to get or protect market share from new and existing competitors. It involves temporary pricing a product low enough to end a competitive threat.

"Digitel's 24/7 Plan has started to destroy the fundamental or basic market pricing considerations when it has priced its service at a level where no new market entrants in the cellular market can still compete and that any losses Digitel may incur at the moment may be recovered later on when it has severely weakened its competitors and successfully driven them off the market," said PILTEL.

Digitel, for its part, said it is not engaged in predatory pricing. "Sun Cellular cannot be considered as engaging in predatory pricing since it is not a dominant player in the cellular industry.

Smart and Globe are the two dominant cellular firms with more than 95 percent of the market. Compared to these two giants, Sun Celular is a very small competitor with less then five percent of the market today," said Digitel senior vice president William Pamintuan.

PILTEL urged the NTC issue a cease and desist order to Digitel's 24/7 Plan and to revert to the rates allowed by the commission in 2002.

Digitel, PILTEL added, should also be penalized for violation of due process for unilaterally revising its charging scheme without the approval of the NTC.

~Thanks Karlo.

Can you believe these guys at PILTEL? "Predatory Pricing"? They, who would rather keep the prices up to keep the money flowing. Guess who's the predator.

Monday, February 07, 2005

My Favorite Housewife

Rex: "What are you doing?"
Bree: "Were you with a woman? Did you tell her that you have a wife, or does that hinder your pick-up style?"
Rex: "All right. Even if I was seeing someone, I have every right to. Exploring options is the whole point of being separated!"
Bree: "Options! I'm not a mutual fund, Rex!"
Rex: "Oh, that's not...Bree, you should get out there. Try and meet someone."
Bree: "Meet someone. I’m raising your children."
Rex: "I am just trying to move on with my life. It is nothing to be ashamed of!"
Bree: "Oh, okay. I tell you what then. Why don't you just call up your mystery woman and invite her over. I'll pull out the sofa bed and you can take her right there. Andrew! Danielle! Daddy's gonna fornicate for us!"
Rex: "Keep your voice down."
Bree: "Why, are you feeling ashamed?"

~Bree Van De Kamp. Partime model housewife, fulltime Lion Tamer.

Painfully Sexy Portable

The PlayStation Portable is Sony's first major push into the handheld gaming market which was previously dominated by the Nintendo Game Boy franchise. The Sony PSP is a complete handheld entertainment system that can play games, music, and movies. The PSP features built-in stereo speakers, a high-resolution, 4.3-inch TFT display, and can produce close to PlayStation 2-level graphics. The unit also has built-in Wi-Fi networking capability, and it supports the Sony Memory Stick Duo as well as a new Universal Media Disc (UMD) media format.

The PSP accepts the Memory Stick Duo and UMD media formats. Users will be able to play music and movie files from the memory stick, but retail games and movies will be sold in UMD form. Sony has indicated that it might be possible for users to download games in the future, but that functionality doesn't exist yet. The UMD is a 60mm optical disc that can hold up to 1.8GB of data. This isn't quite the size of a single-layer 4.7GB DVD, but 1.8GB is still plenty, considering that it's more than twice the size of a normal CD-ROM. Sony has started the process of opening the UMD format to allow third-party content producers to release music and movies in the UMD format.

The Sony Memory Stick is one of the removable flash memory formats used in consumer electronics, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs. Other popular removable flash memory formats include CompactFlash and Secure Digital. The PSP supports the advanced Memory Stick Duo, which includes the Memory Stick Duo, MagicGate Memory Stick Duo, and the Memory Stick Pro Duo formats. Unfortunately, the PSP is only compatible with the smaller "Duo" format. Regular, normal-sized memory sticks won't be able to fit into the PSP memory slot. Sony manufacturers its own Sony-branded Memory Stick Duo cards, but you can find less expensive cards from other manufacturers, such as SanDisk and Lexar.

The Sony PSP has built-in 802.11b Wi-Fi support that allows up to 16 PSPs to connect to each other over an ad hoc wireless network. The PSP also supports an "infrastructure" mode that will allow the PSP to connect to the Internet through a wireless access point, such as a wireless router at home or a public Internet hot spot, but Sony hasn't implemented the infrastructure mode yet. Users can currently only play each other over local, ad hoc wireless connections.

An i-Pod, portable DVD player, a PS2 all in one gorgeous package.
Me. Swooning.

Must. Save. For. This.

Friday, February 04, 2005

A Day In Quintology - From Start To Finish

The past four entries had been my feeble attempt to encapsulate a single beautiful day into the confines of this blog. It's mind blowing to think that there would be more days like this down the road. Days filled with wonder, with amusement, with inescapable reality and most importantly, days filled with that unquenchable feeling of contentment.

You see, life doesnt have to be as mundane, as serious as we percieve it to be. I would have to qoute my muse, Darkwinter "You want to contain whatever ephemeral moment and clasp it to your heart forever." I've come to cherish these little exchanges of ours. Especially now that we have been separated by our shifts, our oceans of intricate conversations had been scaled down to little drops of poetry every once in a while. Maybe she'll never know how much I've changed because of her presence in my life.

I used to believe that God's currency are tears. I've had my own fair share, that I'm sure. But lately, I've been reaping my dividends.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Day in Quintology - Baby Seth Goes To Heaven

Saturday was a day of plenty, but what capped it off was an experience that had been branded with scorching pokers into the inner recesses of my psyche. That penultimate destination of all living, breathing creatures on this planet, defeating their foolish dreams of immortality. That last step before the two boons of fate: eternal salvation or perdurable damnation.


"Please...please come." his voice came in as a desolate wave of sadness. Coming out with pure elation after the concert, that feeling came crashing down at the sound of this call for help. I rushed as soon as I can.

The de Guzman clan had been gathered at the wake. I felt like a fish out of water, however I saw their eyes bade me welcome into their enclave. Up front, lay a casket no longer than 3 feet in lenght.

It was the first day of Seth DeGuzman's wake, Wonderwall's favorite nephew.

"He'd be turning 4 next month." came the cracking voice of the boy's mother. I can't help but reach out and hold her hand. I didn't realize I was staring at the casket far too long when she came up to me.

A little boy. Not even out of his infantile tethers. He looked like a cherubim encased in glass.

His liver wasnt able to support his fragile body, this I gathered from W's older brother as his wife went to the backroom to prepare food for me. He said this child was a fighter. Seth did not complain of the overbearing pain each time his affliction sent waves upon waves through his little shell. He mentioned of how they were having a fund raising at their alma mater to ask for everyones help to send Seth to the States, because we don't have the facilities in this country to perform such a delicate surgery. Ateneans were generous enough, and they were about to send him in a few weeks time, but then the episodes occured.

"Where's your friend?" our conversation was broken off by W's mom. "He might get frostbite outside." she tried a shot at injecting humor. She was trying to keep the spirit of the occassion as light as possible. Yet you could see that there had been traces of tears welling up in her eyes. I respected her decision.

"Oh, Toshi? He told me that in thier country, its a custom that its bad luck to look at a dead person without proper rituals. (I whispered) Actually he's just a sissy." At least I was able to form a smile on her lips, even if its effervescent. And at least I was able to find a way not to mention the fact that Toshi and W had been on each other's throats for quiet some time now.

I stayed there for an hour. Before we left, I was caught up in near trance-like state. The picture on top of the casket held my attention because of the subtle details. Seth was on a hospital bed, you could see that everyone was around him, there were gifts all around. However, looking at Seth's eyes, you could see the glimpse of despair. He wanted everyone to not worry about him, but it seems that he already knew. He knew that his time is up.

A boy. A fragile little angel who hasn't even reached a quarter of my age. The universe may work in infernal ways, yet why Seth?

Eternal rest, may you grant unto him, Oh Lord.
Taken away at the doorstep of a life that could have been extraordinary.
Times like this become a lucid mirror
Facing me with my own mortality.
Take me not from my threshold of realizations.
And let perpetual light shine upon Seth.