Friday, January 07, 2005

Lets Get the Ball Rolling

The year of the Rooster will herald in so many good tidings for you, Advent Child. You are one heck of a beautiful individual both outside and inside, and your magnificence will resonate to everyone around you. You feel the glow of new life coursing through your veins. Take this power and bedazzle everyone!

In terms of career, a promotion is looming in the horizon. You will be up there among the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. You will be given an iron fist, a leather whip, leather thongs, a handcuff, and a heart of pure gold. What you want to do with them would be all up to you. Make your rule a benevolent one and your subjects will be loyal.

This year, a lot of travelling is written in the palm of your hand. The burning desire to go places will be further inflammed this year. A boon from your father will open the doors of the world for you. See the world, take in all its beauty. Three great continents would be wrapped around your little finger, you lucky bastard. A good tip where you could get price cuts so low, its almost criminal, would be in tsunami prone areas, just watch out for signs though, like chickens or dogs acting all crazy. Ignore them and you'll be swept away.

In your lovelife, it will be nothing short of orgasmic. You are definitely a lot stronger now. Everything you've learned was in preparation for this moment. You will meet a new individual who will make you believe in life and love again. The sparks you share between you two will be enough to start the Great Fire of Manila this year, so be it indoors.

Overall, you are like a roaring bull, ready to take on the seemingly insurmountable challenges 2005's Cockmeister would bring. Hold your ground steady, you handsome devil you, more surprises abound in the year to come. ...

Ang ganda ng nakasulat sa kapalaran ko no? Syempre, ako gumawa nyan e. Walang pakeelamanan!!


Gusto kong simulan ang taon na ito with such a kick ass entry, I'm gonna look back on this post come 2006 and beam with pride. So pano ba sisimulan? Why not have a run down of everything that is new in my life right at this moment?

First of all, New Blog life! Can this fact be left out? Ever since I've moved to these shores from that old blog of yore, I've been experiencing one epiphany to the next. Ewan ko ba, siguro, you find so much freedom in anonimity.

New Look! Papahuli ba naman ako sa aspect na to? Heller? Kelangan ata ito sa career! Alam mo na yun! Be the best, get the best. heheh.

At shempre kung may look, may New Outlook in life! I've learned a lot from the past year. At this point, I'm ready to shed of all inhibitions, all resentments I've had towards all the things I've found and lost. And all the while I thought Forgetting would be the better option, I've realized that its not. The ultimate panacea would be to Forgive.

New Philosophy in love. Yes ladies and gentlemen. I've been jaded the last quarter of 2004 and almost (ALMOST) lost all my belief in that little thing called love. But love is an unquenchable emotion and a life could never be completely devoid of its ethereal presence. You see, it comes in forms you've never even thought about. Just when you think that you have grown cold to l'amore's caressing arms, BAM!, you're hooked again. Alam niyo, hindi naman talaga natin kelangan nung eternal cliche na "better half". All we need is our "better self". That goes for both you and your special someone. Ang vague no? Pero think about it.

New Circle of Friends. You beautiful people, you. Paulo, my dashing F4 compatriot; Cris, my ethereal muse, Gaye Anne, my Hotbabe kumare.; Toshi, ang maanghang yet love-able na Haponesang tunay; Dream, the girl who's everything, Arthur, Espanol extraordinaire; the NSI Braso Boys; Chiqui, Karen and Dulce, my girls-in-training (you've learned from the best! ha!) and most importantly YOU, you who brighten up my day with your presence. You make me feel that Unbearable Lightness Of Being. *winks.

And when everything is said and done, New Hope. This year, I will live like a king. I'm gonna be so good to myself, I will pamper myself, I will love again, I will travel and see the world. Yup, its all about me, baby.

Hay. Life is good.

I've said my farewell to 2004 and here I am ushering in 2005 by doing the most important thing I will ever do-

... write my own destiny.


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