Monday, January 24, 2005

A Friday Night And Then Some

Yup. For the first time in a year. Me, out on a Friday night. Almost surreal. This schedule rocks.

Wonderwall and I saw Kung Fu Hustle. (and cut. I'm sticking to my promise of not putting up more entries about him. For now.)


Fast forward to Saturday. Toshi gave me a welcome surprise. He hooked me up with his uber hot office mate, Mon. I remembered I told Toshi in a jest a long way back that I have this huge crush on one of his friends and that guy was making me wet all over. Turns out, the hag took it to heart and went to great lengths to have our schedules coincide.

Profile: Mon is tall, 5'10-5'11 (a little bit out of my neighborhood, but hey. I'm not complaining), with semi-buff (you know, just the right amount of buff here and there) bod, a milky complexion, and a face with a mix of boyish and manly charms (startling resemblance to Emilio Garcia, you know, that used-to-be-boldy actor. YUM!).

I can't believe I was able to get it together and not appear like a salivating lunatic in front of him (thats how I used to be in front of the people I admire physically). And much to my surprise, we have a lot of interests in common. He reads the same books I read, likes the same places I've been to, would want to go to the same places I've only dreamed of, shares some of the philosophies I have on life, love and what not..ok I must stop, Im blabbering. But the most important thing I liked, we can make each other laugh out loud.


(Biglang napag isip tuloy ako. Naalala ko yung sinabi ni Paulo, "Kelangan may kilig factor. Pag wala na edi ligwak!" OO, mataas ang standards kasi ni Becky Paulo. Meron naman kasi syang K magdemand e. Pero ako, I know where I stand. I can demand, pero not to that extent. Basta ayoko lang. Pero eto ang conundrum ko -conundrum daw o?- Pano kung sa pareho ka kinikilig? heheh.)

We chilled out at Seattle's in Greenbelt 3. There we had our nightcap. And what a steamy one at that. Add the fact that eyecandy are in abundance, we had enough fodder for our verbal cannons. Just Me, Toshi, and Mon.

You know that cliche that "Time flies when you're having fun"? Well it did and how I wish I had a gilded, reinforced steel cage to keep it in. Let me throw another cliche, "Nobody's perfect". And how right it was. At 1a.m. in the morning after being with us for 8 hours straight, Mon had to go home because he's asthmatic and he came down with a mild attack. I never knew, the whole time we were together. Turned out, he did not want me to see it.

I wanted to take him home but he told me he got it. And as he was getting on a cab ride home after assuring me that he'll be ok, he asked me if I'd want to continue what we were doing the next day. I wanted to look around and see if he was talking to somebody else but he was just looking at me. I was about to open my mouth when out of the blue, Toshi lived up to her Toxic Queen designation and answered,"No way, I don't go out on Sundays, dahling. I have shows to catch, tons to do, blah blah blah." Our gazes met with a pained look, however we weren't able to contradict her Royal Highness (more like Royal pain in the ass). And so I watched as his cab drive away.

Oh well, at least he got my number.


(At syempre napasimula na naman ako ng pag iisip. Bakit ba ganun? Bakit ba ganun ang mundo? Bakit ba bilog? At meron bang batas na nagsasaad na bawal magbigay ng pagkalinga at apeksyon sa dalawang lalake? Lalo na kung lalake ka rin? Biro lang po. Sa totoo lang naman, alam ko naman na isa lang itong distraksyon mula sa nakasanayan. At kung nagpapasaya ito sa iyo, bakit hindi? Basta masarap pag marami...maraming kaibigan.)


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