Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sometimes We All Fall Down

I just had to congratulate myself for not going down with any sickness this year. I was proud of my body being able to fend off a slew of afflictions even after being in close proximity to infected people. 29 days until the year is out and here it comes, I spoke too soon. Now I'm down with this debilitating and highly irritating cough and cold.

Upon introspection, or shall I say, self-diagnosis, my immune system, which held out against the worst of diseases for the rest of the year, gave out because of one thing. I drank too much at this one party 3 days ago. San Mig Strong Ice that can can make Jack And Jill go up the hill. I didnt't get that intoxicated, because of the fact that I still knew what I was doing and what I was saying, but it was then that I felt truly sick. So what is this, a black propaganda against San Mig Strong Ice? Not really, just a warning to everyone. Don't drink it when you're fresh from a hard days work.

It sad though, because this is my favorite beer. I really abhor the other iterations, especially San Mig Light. Its too...uhm, faux beer for me. Plus the taste is really bleh.

But then again I got myself in a semi-brawl resulting in me getting hit real hard...(will post about it at a later time, probably)

Excuse me.


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