Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sing It For Me, Michael

Yesterday, I woke up just when the last glimmers of the sun was waning in the horizon. I felt a little bit too restless to continue my slumber (it was still way too early for me to get up) yet I stirred.

Tonight, going to work would be the last thing on my mind.

2 hours before my shift, I arrived at the office. I talked with my supervisor, and he said "OK." without much of an effort. 1 hour 20 minutes before my shift, my leave got approved. I love my company.

It was one heck of a night, eventhough 2 people who were supposed to go with us wasn't able to make it because, as they say, they "fell asleep" on one another. (*with raised eyebrows) "huh? oook."

We went to I.O. along Jupiter Street in Makati. They have above standard rooms, a maze-like interior and very good sound systems, but for me, nothing can top Red Box in Greenbelt -aesthetic-wise, food-wise, system-wise and service-wise. Somehow I.O. didn't live up to the hype that most people put up for it. Oh, and have I mentioned, its way too overpriced?

We spent a huge chunk of the night there. If not for the confrontation with one of the waiters who was very rude, the night would have been perfect. Well that mishap turned out into something really good, because I asked for his manager to lodge a complaint. When the Manager (who's name appears at the title) stepped into the room, my jaw almost fell to the floor. I immediately had this huge crush on him. He is too darned hot. It almost made keeping a serious face a tough act because I was repressing a smile from escaping my lips.

He was very cordial, and he explained it as best as he can. As the confrontation was about to wrap up and this little primadonna is already appeased, he made a gesture of goodwill. He offered me a 30% discount card, which was supposedly valid only for Wednesdays and Thursdays, but he said for me, he'd make it valid through the weekends (I could just drop his name, flash the card and voila! Instant discount). Aww..would have been cute, if it just didn't appear like he's "buying" our trust back. I'm still gonna use the card though. Who wants to come?


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