Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Prostituee P'appareil-photo #2

The Night that was.

I didn't expect that this event would turn out as seamlessly fun as it did. Aside from the fact that the venue is humongous, there would have to be the issue of people actually attending. Surprised I was, when I arrived at the hotel. Ballrooms A, B and C are packed to the rafters.

I'd like to give a shout out to my "date" for the night. Qoutation marks in place because of the fact that she is, well, a she. But damn ravishing with that towering frame and headturning beauty. Darkwinter, cheers to you. You are truly my muse.

Its been 5 years since I stepped in this marvelous venue. Junior prom. Back then, imagine a ballroom filled with boys. Boys dating boys. Disturbingly cute. What I liked about this night is the utter candidness of the event. We were given the freedom to act as we would elsewhere. I shudder everytime I remember back then when they made us take up etiquette classes just to look "proper" for the venue.

The food was absolutely delish. They had Mediterranean, American, Thai, and Filipino dishes served. Although, some could just had been dropped and it wouldn't matter much. Sashimi? Hello?

The bands were surprisingly good this year. I'm just not into the local band scene, hence I forgot who they were. They could, however, rouse the crowd into near feverish state.

I was able to hook up with old friends now strewn across different accounts. It was a delight catching up and reliving the good times. And let me just say this, company parties are the perfect venues for prospect hunting. There had never been a higher saturation of beautiful boys in single venue. Boys of my kind of course. I could sniff them out a mile away. Let's just say I have a 98.20% statistical accuracy in gaydar mode. Although giving out your number to random strangers who ask for it is so 2003, its a major ego booster, so what the heck?

They gave out these really cool prizes like iPods and Pocket PCs and DVD players and whatnots, but guess what I got? A lousy Starbucks "Create your own!" Tumbler and giftbag. Whoopeedoo. Well at least I got something. Heres me feigning elation:

tilt ya head back

Time passed by like rapid water. Everyone was mingling, drinking, dancing. I was hopping from table to table. Fellow blogger 1980 was there, Paulo the fifth F4, with his wacky hair and his even wackier posse, prodigal daugther Gwen, I saw my previous supervisor Sir Anton, my promoted girl Merry, uber Hotbabe Gill (who's that cute guy with you?), that other guy from Earthlink whom I'd had an undeterminable infatuation with since the moment I stepped in this company, Crispy and Dianne from Expedia. the Crazy NSI peepz..the list is goes on and on.

These people just wouldn't let up. The party started at around 6:30pm and ended sometime around 1 am but everyone still wanted to go out. An after party-party. We all wanted to down huge amounts of booze, however Gilligan's is already closed for the night. Next best thing was WhistleStop in Jupiter. Good ambiance due to the roomy interiors and the soft lighting, fairly prized booze, and food -what else could we look for? That was until they turned on the Karaoke!

I've always believed that I was born with a silver microphone lodged in my mouth. Singing had always been my stress reliever, my escape from the mundane tasks of the world. Eventually, my name will be up there in lights. HA! How's that for wishful dreaming?
Bakit Ngayon Ka lang?
Embarrasing photo numero uno

And so the night ended on just a few hours away from daylight. But it was a great night full of surprises. Now that this is one event striken off the list of things to look forward too, I wonder whats next?

Oh yeah. He's coming over on Christmas Day.
tired but definitely not out.


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