Monday, December 06, 2004

One Heck of an Expensive Night

disclaimer: Visa commercial: eat your heart out!

One chilly, post typhoon December 4 night a boy and his pal set out, off to watch a concert.

The Attire
Red button down polo from Camiseria: P700
White Hanes sando: P150
Killer white R Devil, sports jacket: P2,000
Buffalo black pants: P2,150
K. Cole shoes (which I'm never wearing again 'coz it hurts like hell): P-*bleep due to the obscene price tag*-

The Self
Pre-concert post-birthday (figure it out) bash: P3,000
A relaxing visit to the Spa: P700
A visit to my friend who works at a salon in Rockwell - I won't emphasize the name ;) - for touch up and hair: *nada* - he did it for free. ~insert video clip of me thanking Mon for the hair and makeup

Araneta Center
Gas-ing up my friend's car: P200
Pigging out in Taco Bell: yummy taco, burrito, bottomless drinks: P234.76 (lousy tax)
Asking why they are using Pizza Hut ketchup packets: a whole bucket o' laughs
Checking out all the posh stores in The Gateway (its the Podium of Quezon City): a whole lot of hurtin feet.

Checking out all the cute guys: an onset of stiff neck
Cute guys checking me out: 1Bajillion pesos and some pocket change

The Show
Watching my most respected artist perform a few meters in front of me: A whole ocean of gratification.
Seeing her dance: Drowning.
Hearing her hit them notes: Nirvana.
Viewing her life tableau from a fledgling wannabe who doesn't have a penny to her name, to conquering her dreams and getting where she is right now : Newfound respect.

The After
Reigne Coffee table book: (not really my expenditure as my friend bought it for me as my b-day gift): P950
Heading out to Temple to dance the restlessness away: P300 (just the price of a few drinks)
Bumping into my male model crush: wetness. ;)
Lounging in Seattle's Best Coffee for a nightcap, sipping a custom Mango X-Tea ( added flavor, less ice), poring over the coffee table book, chatting and reminiscing the highlights of one drawn-out yet very exciting night: PRICELESS


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