Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Let the CamWhoring Commence!

I tried to fight it off..
I really tried...
(turning into a lean, green, camwhoring machine)
Me post pics.

People Support Christmas Party 2004 - Shangri-La, Makati. Rizal Ballroom.

A rose for moi?
People piling over me.

people getting high, must be the booze
crazy NSI

Darkwinter getting a faceful of Advent

A stolen shot of that cute HR guy. (if you happen to read this, yes, I do find you cute. Don't worry, I don't bite..that hard.)

the look of..
Sharon, is that you? (sorry, Ms. Joan. hehe. I love the ensemble)

Whatever that sign is, I'm not doing it.
My muse, my fellow camwhore

Someday, when I'm awfully 'lone...
Allow us to be Frank.

Images c/o our official office paparazzi, Jet.

Its in my veins..
it doesnt end here.


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