Monday, December 27, 2004

Home On The Range

Fresh like the morning dew. I came from an immaculate 3 day leave for the the Christmas holiday. Everyone in the office kept on pressing me with such mundane questions as to why am I passing up free food provided by our mother company, double pay, a hefty bonus just for coming in for the night...hay, I told them to just give it up. Money is money. Just that. My answer is plain and simple:

I'm doing Christmas with the folks.

This had been and forever will be my resolve. Eventhough this year's Noche Buena had been a bit drab and dreary because of the gloomy atmosphere both in and out of the household, there is always that fleeting moment of jubilation. Watching Lolo carry the soupbowl because he still can, despite the short time he has remaining in this reality. Tita having a look of near consternation because she planned and prepared almost everything to be perfect for this night, despite the fact that she flew 8,000 miles just to spend Christmas with us. Mom lovingly passing the plate of hickory smoked ham to my Dad because they are still together, despite the odds. My sister happily sipping wine from her glass because had already reached legal age, despite all the drama she is facing in her young life. Seeing the maids serve the morcon, the quezo de bola, the rest of the fanfare with such devotion because they genuinely do care for us, despite the fact that they have their own families out there. And me, seeing this coven and realizing that I'm one lucky bastard, despite all the things I felt that are missing in my life.

Money or this?
Need I even answer?


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