Thursday, December 02, 2004

Had To Get This Off My Chest part 1 of 2

To the person/s involved, if you happen to come across what I've written here, no apologies. I'm just basing it on how I'd experienced it. What prompted me to write this down? I'm the lord of this domain, and I do what I want to. I'd like to look back sometime in the future and remember this. For anonimity's sake, the names are substitutes for the protagonists/antagonists. Let's get the ball rolling.

Some good number of days ago, I got myself caught up in a commotion. A commotion that ended in me getting hurt both physically and emotionally. A confrontation that was totally uncalled for. It started out as a simple happy hour for old bonds and newfound friends. I went out with 3 people: Dionysius, Ides of March, and a central character, Ophelia.

It was ironic, but when we went out with the god of wine, it turned out that he isn't a drinker in the core sense. He revels in the conflagration but only take in an ember or two. Ides, on the other hand, preferred to stick to her tea drinks. She still had to attend to her Temple duties later that day. It turned out, it was a drinking session between me and Ophelia. I have come to have a profound sense of elation during these bouts. The headiness it causes clears my mind somehow of all those woes. It leaves a unique feeling of being reborn.

Shift focus to another table. Picture, ignoble Abelard. The current consort of lady Ophelia, drinking to his hearts content. Surrounding him would be his harem of females and a single male: Garwain, vanguard of consistency. Apparently, their table was overflowing with the sweet concoction and perhaps he had had a bit too much to drink.

"Look over yonder and glimpse at what your sire is doing" I mentioned to the lady in front of me. "It seems that they are becoming overly familiar with each other, think ye not?"

"I care not what he does, he is entitled to his own whims and folly." Said the lady in return. Ophelia, no matter how she says it, has this faint glimmer in her eyes that tell otherwise.

Here I go again. I played the knight, and heaved my jousting helmet and lance. I did try to distract myself in the merriment we had in our little party, but I can't help but notice how indecorous the ignoble Abelard is acting just across our table.

We were prepared to call it a day, and we headed out to our last pitstop after a few rounds. Before I went in the washroom, Lady Ophelia mentioned:

"Ye look like you have perhaps drank a bit too much of your own share. Come, I shall treat thee to a warm cup of coffee downstairs. Object not, you need it."

I really didn't. I was still in full control of my faculties at that point in time. If anything that I didn't have at the time, it was restraint in saying what I truly think. (shouldn't everyone be drunk then? along it comes a very refreshing amount of honesty.) I had no other choice but to take her offer. She went in their washroom, I went in ours.

I finished, expectedly, few minutes before they emerged. I stood in the hallway while I waited. It was in this brief window of time that he happened to pass by. The lord of scum, with a wench in his arms. All that was lacking was for him to fondle her publicly and you never even think that he is courting the Lady Ophelia.

"Careful". The first word that had been uttered from these lips.

"Ophelia is just here. Think. Respect." He at first didn't mind this. He however double backed and asked me what I said. I said it again, enunciating each syllable, in case he has lost his sense of hearing.

And he walked away, not before I glimpsed his eyes flashed with the flames from Hades. Like Cerberus, the vicious spawn, I knew I am to face something ugly.

-end of part 1


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