Friday, December 24, 2004

Allow Me Once Again To Walk The Moon's Road

robert brook's dreamscape

Every now and then I fall into a trance like state. When words spill forth from the fount that is my occipital lobe, bordering in a lethargic consciousness and lucid dreaming.

Its at this point when I walk the Moon's Road and enter the realm of Morpheus, the Dreaming. Along its streets where edifices form in the blink of an eye, and dissipate like bubbles in champagne when you stare at it too long. I walk in an induced state of truncated will, yet in this realm I am most in tune with my faculties.

I stumbled upon one of the ruins in my dream. And old house where my heart used to reside. What once was whitewashed walls are now chipping greasy paint. The door moaned as I tried to budge it open. Not worth it. I saw the house deform, like a worm in time and space it fell into itself. What was left was a smoking locket. You could hear a faint murmur of laughter emanting from its interior. In its folded clasps, a daguerreotype of a soul I used to know. The lines of the face is familiar, but a shadow now permeates its totality like its a new person altogether. It is what it isn't.

A voice then rang out, soothing my senses. I turned my head the other way and I saw a figure of a boy rise out from the gloom. A gentle and enticing face, like a hardened cherub escaped from the vaults of Michealangelo. He beckoned once more. A hand reached out. In it another locket. "Come." And a soft light enveloped me. Light that came from his core. In the midst of this desolate landscape of biting cold, I felt surging warmth.

"This is the last time, I'll be looking at you. I've tried to paint the walls a different shade of white at one time but you never seem to notice. I was trying to live once again in this edifice for a short while but the feeling of home grew dimmer and dimmer by the day. Now the steps on the Stairs of Remembrance rotted and ultimately fell away. It now forbids me to go down and have a glimpse of time past. Farethee well."

I cast it to the hungry wind, the wind whose been here since time immemorial. It had gorged on to many cast away lockets, its starting to have a solidified shape of its own.

I held the glistening object close to my heart.

An effervescent smile..

formed on these lips.


subtitle: The Dreaming Before Christmas.

==++Happy Holidays Everyone!++==


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