Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Where's My Hephaistion?

In my womb I carried my avenger! -Olympias

I could almost hear our community shout this out in unison. Yes Oliver Stone, in your intellectual womb, you carried this project for us. I couldn't express how grand this movie experience was for me. I take back what I said or thought before I saw the film.

This film is a masterpiece ,contrary to what other people say.

You could probably pin bias on me because the film depicted homosexual encounters (in huge servings at that!) but for me, the movie is admirable due to what it was able to encompass.

A whole lifetime retold masterfully. Without prejudice, without the need to hold back.

Although, I might complain about the obvious snip job done by the censors to remove the "sensibility-wracking" lip lock between the 2 male characters in the movie. Well apparently it shielded the more "mentally narrow" people in the audience although it did agitate them in their comfortable little shells. I remember feeling a slight sense of irritation when I heard these two middle age women sitting behind me going "Ayan kaya sya minalas kasi bakla sya." I pictured my hand flying out and connecting with the fat side of her face in a thunderous slap. Luckily my pity of her lack of intelligence qoutient points prevailed. Did she even have an iota of an idea that in the time when Alexander lived, having a deep level of intimacy, love, between two men are just as commonplace as breathing? I was still left wanting though. Oh well, I would just have to wait for the DVD instead.

How I'd love to say Hephaistion, my Hephaistion, come take me away...If only only I have one


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