Monday, November 22, 2004

Open Space

You know how it feels like when you've just got enough leverage to move out of your parent's place and start making a life of your own? This this is it's virtual equivalent.

I've left behind an online community in another blog provider just because it felt that its time to move on. In all fairness, the 8 months I've put up my ramblings on that part of the online world was in a word...gratifying.

I've met a lot of characters. Cheerleaders, goths, fabulous gay men, beautiful women, eccentric (semi) geezers, artists. Heck, I've even met the "love of my life" (although, what a short life it was). All in all, it was a rollercoaster of strewn emotions. I was going out of control. I was losing my identity and I had to pull the plug before anything became too messy.

I chanced upon these shores and come to love it. I'm sure there'd be a slew of characters that I'll encounter (or maybe not) but as of right now, I'm just loving the emancipation of starting over. The smoke in the room has cleared. Now its my turn to clear my head.

So hello Blogspot. This is AdventChild, signing on.

harmless post # 1. Don't you worry, it gets weirder.


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