Saturday, November 27, 2004

If You Have To Know Me

Posts of Distinction:

The music of Delirium Act 1 - My Myth

April 2005

Seeing Through One Eye - Meeting Fidel

American Idol Addiction - AI Got Me

The Boracay Series
I'm Back And I'm Black - A Week Later...
Independence Day p.1 - Beam Me Up, Daddy
Independence Day p.2 - Flying Without Tethers
Green Corner Of The Azure Skies - Me Among Them
Music Of Delirium Pt.1 - Boracay, In Mythology Form
Music Of Delirium Pt.1 - Boracay, In Mythology Form

Can You Hear It? - Saying Farewell To Smog-Filled Manila

Shake It For Me - Dreaming Of Shakira Before The Beach, Crazed Thoughts

Beach Bum For A Week - Boracay, Here I Come!

Cooking + Me = Can Be - Cooking As A Hobby

The Tale Of The Dog With Three Names - Alas, A Dog In Our Household

Before Heaven's Gates - My Take On The Pope

March 2005

Angels Eat Squidballs Too - The Second Advent Arrived

Tamara Struck Me Down - Tamara Lempicka, An Artist, My Artist

Oh What A Night! - Brotherly Love

Arts Decoratifs - Art Deco, My Fave Art Form

Post Event Memos - Malate Night Out

The Smallest Things - A Cry Baby

The Showdown Must Go On - Menagerie

Scary, Scary Night -The Dream

Fortunate Events - Mon, Paulo, Me, Embassy at the Fort...

Hello, Im Advent and I'm A Videogame-aholic - But damn proud of it.

Bloggy's 3rd Month - I know, I celebrate everything.

Japanese Movies - Battle Royale - You havent seen anything yet.

Unleashing the Inner Becky part tres - Chartreuse? Anyone?

Creating Aggie's Wedding Website - Check it out.

Angels or Devils - Which side are you on?

Taxi Drivers From Speeding Hell - Kaya mo ba to?

Ever tried Ostrich? -Go ahead, it won't kill you.

Women of the Moment - Joan Rivers and Halle Berry

I'm Having My Own Sex Scandal - Bare and get mileage points.

Meeting the President of the Philippines part2 - This deserves a 2 part entry.
Meeting the President of the Philippines part1 - Meeting her in person.

Earlier Posts:
Open Space First post ever!

Visiting The Alma - Every once in a while, its good to go back to the past.

Had To Get This Off My Chest part 1 of 2 -Dramaton .

Had To Get This Off My Chest part 2 of 2 - Dramaton conclusion.

My Birthday - What else? The most important day of the year.

One Heck of an Expensive Night - A night to remember.

180 Degrees, Splook Me Up - Unleash the Becky within.

God Just Gave Me... - Maybe...

Why Can't I Just Be Able To Leap Buildings in A Single Bound? - Discovering the mighty in me.

Let the CamWhoring Commence! - See me!

Prostituee P'appareil-photo #2 - Camwhore to the maximum.

Drive-by's and Churros con Chocolate - A budding relationship?

Starting The Year Right - Predictions courtesy of Yours Truly

The Mystery of the P20 And Meeting HIS Friends - OMG, this is it.

Moral Support At People Support - One day, he applied at my company....

Meeting Mon - Mon, my Mon. Why do I crush thee?

Unleash the Inner Faggot Redux - Paulo and Me.

A Day Can Hold So Many Surprises - The day that was..
Part 1 - Desperate Housewives
Part 2 - Hue And Rasa, Food Trip
Part 3 - Nievera - Austin Concert
Part 4 - When Babies Go To Heaven. Rest His Soul.
From Start To Finish - Outro


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