Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Getting to Know You

I was able to access my Friendster account again after a long, long time. Somehow, the novelty had worn out on me and I often ask "Do you really have to have an online proof that you HAVE friends?" However just for the heck of it, I tried peeking at it again after 3 weeks of inactivity. There were 10 friends to confirm, and 4 new messages. 1 was from a dear friend. However the other 3 were rather amusing. This wasn't the first but it still evokes a chuckle from me everytime.

"subject: advance
`ellow po.. dnt know when wld be your bday.. happy bday nlng po..."

-aww..I should have been touched because of the early greeting, my birthday is not for another 6 days, but the thing is...I have no idea who he is. AT ALL. It would have been ok if he was at least a friend of a friend. But...Oh well. At least people out there care.

"subject: tol
tol, i really want to be ur friend, i hope there wud be a chance to meet u in person... Ur gwapo, and nice, i could say, and worthy to be love [sic].... The bluff question is this ----- 'pude [sic] k bang maging bf ???' tke cre."

-shakes head. I never got the memo that relationships can be attained by online bluffing. Oh, wait, yeah maybe I have. [insert Karen Walker evil maniacal laugh here] Bah.

And the one that takes the cake:
"subject: For someone like me.
I know that you're dying to be a part of my online group. Consider yourself blessed. I only accept beautiful people. Add me."

-wow. hand me a puke bag.

So there we go. Lonely people, killer pick up lines. And I do not wash my hands for this voyeuristic tendency. Sometimes, when the moon is blue, and the wind bites me, I prowl the web. If only for the next delicacy.


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