Saturday, November 27, 2004

3 Days And Counting

First of all, I'm proud to unveil, ladies and gentleguys, the fruit of the loom, the nilaga of the tiyaga, THE blog. now on version 1.

I guess, you don't really have to be a rocket scientist to learn everything you are not programmed to learn. I can say I'm quite proud of my work. Now everyone, place your little pointing finger on the mouse click, go to favorites, add this site and enjoy. (or for blogspot people, linkify away!) See you around.

Now for more pressing matters, 3 days and counting and its the day. The day I'm acquiring another growth ring. The day I'm shedding of old skin. The day I'm getting nearer the bucket. THE day.

Twenty and two years ago, a boy was born on this Earth. A boy from the future. Everyday is past tense. Even tomorrow. He'd seen it before. He'd seen and lived it. He was given a second chance to go back and do it all over again. That's why every day, every single hour, every minuscle second he lives it like its a whole lifetime. And thats what they don't get about him. He gives them eternity in a single second, yet they turn and look away.

I worship Time.


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